It’s April and still snowy in Ontario. This week’s winter-like weather presents the last chance to enjoy the best of the season before the arrival of spring. Check out our top 10 recommendations to make the most of this weekend, from renting a yurt or cabin in a provincial park and curling up by the fire in a log cabin to ski resorts and pampering yourself in a spa center.

Among more serious issues addressed in this issue is credit history, which remains a pressing concern for immigrants. We offer tips on how you can improve your credit score if your credit history is a mess.

An increasingly large number of Iranian celebrities and artists are choosing to reside in Canada. This influx of high-net-worth individuals has created new opportunities for real estate agents to negotiate lucrative housing deals. In the real estate section inside, we address the important aspects of managing a property deal for a celebrity.

Our immigration success story in this edition follows the life of Kobra Rahimi, who settled in Canada after spending years as a refugee in Iraq and Kurdistan. A law school graduate student with honors, Kobra has been actively advocating the rights and safety of immigrants.

Other topics covered include the latest happenings in Canada, and updates on employment and financial opportunities for immigrants, and family events for the weekend.