The main topic in Atash 32 is about the real estate market in various neighbourhoods of Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Based on market trends in 2015, we’ve identified the most expensive, fastest selling, and fastest appreciating locations. This information is useful for those considering home buying as an investment and help them make the right decisions.

Tribute To A Prominent Lawyer In Toronto’s Iranian Community

We pay tribute to Seyed Alaeddin Soltanzadeh, an Iranian lawyer in Toronto who recently passed away at the age of 92. Mr. Soltanzadeh immigrated to Canada in 1982 and was the first Iranian who was certified to register marriages under both Iranian and Canadian laws. We have covered his life story and his services to the Iranian Community from his son’s perspective.

Three Solutions To Pay Off Your Debts

There are three solutions for loans and debts. Read the article to find out about how you get rid of your debts sooner, particularly, if you’re an Iranian immigrant who is not familiar with the Canadian banking systems and rules, which in some ways are different from the Iranian system.

Other Stories Covered In This Issue Include

  • What’s on this weekend in Toronto – events, offers, and Atash’s recommendations
  • Canada’s 25 best employers 2016  – Forbes
  • Chinese investment and influence in the property market
  • Remembering the life and public services of Alexander MacKenzie, the second prime minister of Canada, on his death anniversary (17 April)
  • New Halal labelling regulations and their impact in Canada
  • New regulations for Uber taxis proposed at the City Hall after months of protests by Toronto’s taxi drivers.