What Time Is Now In Canadian Real Estate?
What Time Is Now In Canadian Real Estate?

One of the main concerns for investors in real estate market is its cycles. In this issue one of the prominent real estate consultant analyses three phases of each cycle: Boom, Slump, Recovery and defines how we can determine our current status.

Bill C-24 Correction Or Bill C-6, Where Are The Challenges?

There were many enquiries about Bill C-6 by Atash followers. Currently C-6 is introduced to parliament and lots of people are looking for its progress and wondering what is the pathway of it to come into force?- Dr. Pashang Pour, one of the Iranian lawyer, and a member of Canadian law society responds to this concern.

Bolandian Jewelry Opening Ceremony

Bolandian is one of the most famous jewellers in Iran with international repute. Having their factory in Thailand and offices in Dubai and New York, they are going to open their first gallery in Toronto. Atash has an exclusive report of this event.

Other Topics In This Issue:

  • A report about polygamy- A49 Years old man with 24 wives and 152 children. He is member of Mormon communities in Canada
  • An Iranian dentist who is a Canadian resident, while staying in Iran, threw acid in her aunt’s face due to some family conflict and now is under arrest before reaching to her booked flight to Canada.
  • Poutine: Canadian favourite and cuisine symbole. We introduce some of the best places to taste poutine

  • A report about The next Census of Population which will take place in May 2016.

  • An article about How to Fight Back Against Automatic Renewals