Dr Abbas Azadian - Atash Weekly Newspaper
Dr Abbas Azadian - Atash Weekly Newspaper

The Canadian government is in the final stages of legalising euthanasia which could have worldwide ramifications. We discuss this issue from the perspective of an Iranian-Canadian psychiatrist, Dr. Abbas Azadian, who opines on euthanasia and necrophobia and throws light their impact on modern Iranian society.

Ups And Downs Of The Real Estate Business

Real estate, one of the oldest businesses in Canada established by early settlers, has gone through numerous market fluctuations over the years. We review some of the major real estate deals across different decades.

4 Dos And Don’ts Of Buying Your First Home

Purchasing the first home is a concern for newcomers to Canada. Alireza Sedighi, an Iranian real estate agent in Toronto, responds to Atash’s reader inquiries, explaining the 4 dos and don’ts of home buying for first-timers.

Other Topics Covered In This Issue:

  • How Linkedin can help real estate agents to expand their businesses
  • The story of an Iranian physician who took his children illegally to Iran through Europe, away from their mother, and is now wanted by Interpol.
  • Recommendations on extended warranty
  • Toronto’s famous Cherry blossoms and where to observe them
  • Mother’s day, 8th of May:  How to celebrate this special occasion and make it truly memorable.