I had to choose between life and death for my daughter - Atash
I had to choose between life and death for my daughter - Atash

This is Zohre Naeimi’s statement about her daughter who lost consciousness after contacting the JC virus in conjunction with her long-term immunodeficiency disorder. Zohre who lives in Toronto recalls how physicians pushed her to allow them to take her daughter off the ventilator, but as a mother she disagreed. Her daughter passed away later on. Zohre shares the harrowing experience of having to decide her daughter’s life and death and why she dismissed euthanasia as a last resort.

Fort Mcmurray Fire: Stories Of Survival And Loss

Last week, the Fort McMurray fire dominated the headlines in Canada. We report tragic and moving accounts of its casualties: a Syrian refugee family that recently settled in Fort McMurray made homeless by the fire, and three firefighters who witnessed their own homes burned down.

Other topics covered in this issue include:

  • Extended warranty: when is it an advantage, and when is it just a waste of money
  • Life story of a midwife who lives in Toronto; her income and expenses
  • Eight recommendations for using twitter to improve your real estate business
  • An immigration professional answers questions posted by an Atash Weekly Newspaper reader about whether they can move to another province after immigration to Canada
  • A retired couple that sold everything in their life and now lives on a RV, travelling around the country