Fortune-Telling A Megabucks Business - Atash
Fortune-Telling A Megabucks Business - Atash

How is a seemingly fun and harmless practice involving tarot cards, crystal balls, and future predictions a huge money-spinner in this day and age through elaborate scams? The facts are shocking and an eye opener to the modern society. The vulnerability of people continues to attract frauds that exploit them to make a quick buck. We look at the how and why of this disturbing, and yet growing trend.

How Newcomers Can Crack The Hidden Job Market

Finding a job is the main concern for newcomers. It becomes even more difficult when 80% of the offers in the job market are not advertised to the masses. In this issue, we offer tips on how to explore these hidden opportunities.

Fixed Or Floating? The Baffling Mortgage Question!

When it comes to buying a home and applying for a mortgage, the first question on the buyer’s mind is which kind of mortgage – fixed or floating? The answer is complicated and depends on many factors. Find out how you can arrive at a quick decision with some of our tips.

Money Laundering In Real Estate

Last week it was announced that 85 real estate companies had been involved in money laundering. We discuss how money laundering is happening in this market.

This Weekend In Toronto

With the arrival of summer in Toronto, every weekend is packed with events.

We explore 3 major events this week and what makes them a must-attend.

  • Mac & Cheese Festival
  • Riverside Eats and Beats Street Festival
  • Field Trip