Medical Malpractice in Canada – Atash 70
Medical Malpractice in Canada – Atash 70

This issue of Atash we are talking about a recently released medical report on the Canadian healthcare system and its consequences on patients.

There’s also a report about an immigrant Canadian woman, who was killed during the New Year Eve’s shooting in Istanbul and also about a young boy in Ottawa, who killed his parents.

Other topics covered in this issue:

  • Chain restaurants in Ontario to label calorie count in their menu, starting from this year.
  • All about lease-purchase in Canada
  • The best neighborhoods of Toronto where you can lead an artistic life
  • Oshawa, Is it ideal for your first purchase?
  • Have three million dollars? Then you can buy this whole village.
  • Know about the largest universities in Ontario and what they offer
  • Doctors in Ontario over-billed and amassed millions of dollars through bills and services that were neither needed or not provided at all
  • 5 recommendations to realtors while drafting a contract with the client
  • Are these immigration policies beneficial to Canada? Diverse and critical views of a university professor.
  • Real estate agents and mortgage brokers; how exactly are they different?
  • The list of public holidays in Ontario in 2017
  • Five Canadian recommendations that will secure your employment
  • First ask these 6 questions, and then choose your realtor
  • This boy killed his parents in Ottawa and then submitted himself to the police in Montreal