An Interview with Senator Ratna Omidvar on the C-6 bill, Atash 71
An Interview with Senator Ratna Omidvar on the C-6 bill, Atash 71

This issue of Atash, we have an exclusive interview with Senator Ratna Omidvar who is sponsoring Bill C-6 in the senate of Canada. In an exclusive interview with Atash, she talks about the current status of the bill and the timeframe for the bill to be approved in the Senate.

Another heart touching report this issue in Atash is about an Iranian woman, who is left all alone in Toronto and her ordeal of giving birth to her second child in the absence of her husband and her first child. Her husband and child are waiting for a court ruling that will re-unite them with her.

Other topics covered in this issue:

  • How the Bridge program will help us to find better jobs at a quick pace?
  • Is dual citizenship in Iran finally legal or illegal?
  • Ten shocking realties that will prompt you to never text again while driving
  • Combining Eastern knowledge with Western technology: The successful experience of an Iranian in Canada.
  • Ontario Housing market; is it an exciting year ahead?
  • Are you a realtor? 7 methods to provide a good self-introduction
  • Barry, a highly in-demand city for tenants
  • Price war boom of Vancouver and Toronto spreads to the suburbs
  • Interpreting a 30-year-old dream, grandmother is now a millionaire
  • Alone in Toronto: Life story of an Iranian woman who delivered her baby, while being away from her family
  • Senator Omidavar extends her hope, in an interview with Atash, that the new citizenship law might be approved by March.