A 25 year love story un-blossomed in wait for a visa – Atash 72
A 25 year love story un-blossomed in wait for a visa – Atash 72

This issue of Atash our main report is about an Iranian woman, who found her long lost love after 25 years, through Facebook. The duo got married 2 and half years ago though they are yet to be united. Her husband is still in Turkey waiting for the visa. 

Our other report this issue is about the ongoing dispute between Khavari and Mizrahi. Khavari is the former director of Iran Melli Bank, who fled to Canada after committing the biggest embezzlement Iran had seen. In Canada he partnered with Mizrahi, a renowned builder but now both the partners are at loggerheads. Atash had published an exclusive report about the court ruling on this case a few months ago. The report was well reflected by the Iranian media.

Other topics covered in this issue:

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  2. Scholarship; how to graduate debt-free in Canada
  3. ‘Free’ might be costly at times
  4. Pay bills as soon as you receive them
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  9. A comparison on the purchase and sales rates of Toronto Housing market – December 2016
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  11. $60 million lottery win and the dreams of a 26-member family
  12. Why the West should look to Canada on how to deal with immigrants?
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