Immigration Consultant’s Fraud to an Iranian sister and brother – Atash 73
Immigration Consultant’s Fraud to an Iranian sister and brother – Atash 73

Golrokh Amirpour Dolatshahi, an Iranian woman living in Canada, wanted to bring her brother along with his friend to Canada with the help of an immigration consultant.  But eventually the consultant cheated them and Amirpour filed a case. The court later stated that she be given a compensation of $25000 by the immigration consultant. That was just the beginning of their woes for though they won the case they couldn’t make up for the losses and trouble that they had to go through. This issue in Atash, our front runner report is about this Iranian sister and brother.

Also in the issue, you can read an article about Trump’s foray into the US political arena and its impact on Canada’s political future, as we know that the US is Canada’s largest trading partner.

Other topics covered in this issue:

  • Three exhibitions for job hunters in Toronto, this winter.
  • Canada and Trump: The beginning of a new era for the inhabitants of the northern lands
  • Vancouver: The world’s third most expensive housing market
  • Where did Mr. Obama and his family move to from the White House?
  • Three advices to keep your washing machine spot clean.
  • Five major accidents in the history of Toronto
  • Things to watch out in Housing market if it falls?
  • Can the police issue fine for not clearing the snow from your car?
  • A million dollar Lottery winner and the dilemma of counting zeros
  • Introducing books
  • Skyrocketing Home Prices: What Kind of House should you invest in?
  • Why a cup of sugar is so important in the Canadian political scenario?
  • Canada housing authorities’ advice: Build more homes to solve the crisis
  • Why you should secure your loan before the housing market soars hot?
  • All things to know about your credit score