Toronto with the taste of Valentine - Atash 75
Toronto with the taste of Valentine - Atash 75

February 14, Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. The day gives an opportunity for all those busy people to renew vows and express their love to their partners. Wondering how? Atash suggests 7 ways to experience Valentine’s Day in a different note. Like there are various people with different characteristics, the way to express love are also numerous.   

As a month passes by of 2017, the housing market in Toronto is getting hotter as predicted. Statistics show a decrease in supply while an increase in demand and the rise in prices. In this issue of Atash, we have analyzed the 2017 housing trends in Toronto.

Other topics covered in this issue:

  • One hundred days to replace Mr. Harper
  • A budget of $2000 a month for a family of two in Toronto
  • How to buy and sell home appliances in Kijiji?
  • Four predictions on what’s to happen this year in the Canadian housing market
  • Selling houses at a marked up price. Know how to deal with this trending phenomenon.
  • Don’t have enough money to buy a house in Toronto? Then wait for a crime to happen to see a dip in price.
  • Toronto’s housing market to be mostly dominated by seller’s this year, provided nothing unexpected happens mid-year
  • Keep an eye on flourishing arenas and invest for future accordingly
  • Wishes of an immigrant mother, who won a lottery
  • See what my husband did to me, that I had to pay 10,000$ to kill him.
  • Bread and cheese? Forget these and start thinking about healthy food options.
  • Canada too has its ups and downs, while dealing with immigrants and refugees.
  • Valentine in Toronto