Suggestions On How To Spend Your Long Weekend - Issue 76
Suggestions On How To Spend Your Long Weekend - Issue 76

Come Monday and it’s a holiday to enjoy the day out with your Family. A long winter vacation too awaits us. With a long holiday in view, people in Toronto are mainly divided into two regarding how to spend their vacation. One category has decided to stay at home and relax, while the other group likes to go out and enjoy the various outdoor programs in the city. In Issue 76 of Atash, we offer some excellent options for both groups.

The Toronto housing market has been witnessing a unique phenomenon these days, wherein houses are been sold for a price much higher than the called up price. In the new issue of Atash, our report tells how Toronto homes are sold for a marked up price, with some homes been sold for more than a million dollars than the market price.

This issue you can also read why Canadians are in debt. Plus we have a story of a Canadian man, who went missing for about five years and was recently found from the forests of Brazil. It was found that he travelled on foot from Toronto to Brazil.

Other topics covered in this issue:

  • Last week these houses in Toronto were sold a million dollars higher than the market price. Recent statistics show that one in six Canadians, over 55 years, do not have a retirement plan
  • He walked ten thousand kilometers on barefoot; Toronto man found alive after five years in the Amazon rainforest      
  • Toronto plans for a long weekend ahead of winter
  • Ten cool things to do while it’s snowing outside
  • How to immigrate to Canada through self-employment?
  • Americans to get Twenty Thousand Dollars as Discount, if they buy a home in Canada
  • Homes for Sale less than ever in Toronto. What to do in such a situation?
  • An Elderly woman cheated by a fake lottery bonanza
  • Hamilton police and locals on the lookout for the robbers of a blueberry truck
  • Seven main reasons why Canadians fall into debt
  • Syrian refugee family names newborn Justin Trudeau
  • Police on search for a woman who has allegedly attacked another with a shovel and knife.
  • Immigrants increased Canada’s population; Canadians migrate from small towns to large urban peripheries.