An interview of Sophie Trudeau - Atash 77
An interview of Sophie Trudeau - Atash 77

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s photo on the cover of a fashion magazine drew much attention in Canada. The magazine’s interview with Sophie Gregory is published in this issue of Atash. She talks about her personal emotions and her view point on social issues such as feminism. Overall, she presents an image of herself that’s rarely seen.

In the housing sector, this issue, we take a look at how difficult are the conditions when it comes to buying a home in Toronto and also about buyers’ interests towards condos. In this issue of Atash, we recommend that you follow the series of articles on housing.

We also have a report about the offender lawyers in Canada and the inadequate measures taken against them.

In the new issue, we also get to know about five spectacular cars to be shown at Toronto Auto show, to be held this week. Plus we also take a look at an ecotourism exhibition to be held in Toronto next weekend.

Other topics covered in this issue:

  • Offender lawyers in Canada at loose. Is no one going to punish them?
  • Don’t miss out the ecotourism exhibition to be held this weekend.
  • Can we temporarily spend off from payroll deductions made to the company?
  • 10 safety precautions for safe driving when the roads are wet and foggy
  • Here everyone wants to buy a condo. What about you?
  • Stock prices of different houses in different regions at Toronto for January 2017
  • Want to buy a house? Be careful! You may fall into one of these traps
  • I’ve had an apartment for eight years, Is it a good time to sell?
  • The CEO of Starbucks bought this new condo for $ 40 million.
  • Toronto people’s trending tendency to buy condos
  • 19 thousand dollars in fine for technical inspector due to a simple carelessness
  • I am Sophie Gregory; A Rendezvous with the Canadian Prime Minister’s wife
  • Five key recommendations to make a successful visit out of business exhibitions in Toronto
  • Blinking your car lights is it legal or not? Should we get aside or not?
  • Five cars to not miss this weekend at Toronto auto show
  • Size reduction without exercise? Baylayn is your answer