Iranians in Montreal And Toronto Had A Bitter Week In Store - Atash 78
Iranians in Montreal And Toronto Had A Bitter Week In Store - Atash 78

The Iranians in Montreal and Toronto woke up to the heart wrenching news of an Iranian grandmother, who came by to visit her newborn grandchild and stay with her daughter and son-in-law in Montreal. She went missing and could be traced only after 4 days but alas! had a bitter ending.

In Richmond Hill, Toronto (which is the largest settlement of Iranians) an Iranian family mourned the death of their 20 year old son, whose body was found in a car on Monday night. He was stabbed by a knife.

The World’s biggest Haft Sin is set to be celebrated in a few days in World onYonge, Toronto. Haft Sin is a traditional ceremony of Iranians, which is celebrated during the Iranian New Year, which also marks the beginning of spring.

In this issue of Atash, as always we have dealt on different topics like life in Canada, housing and immigration matters.

Other Topics Covered in this Issue:

  • A Canadian Journalist writes: Trump set to go to jail this year
  • Eight key points to keep in mind if you want to sue a doctor in Canada
  • CBC’s recent survey: Subway sandwiches have only 50% chicken
  • Toronto weather to get 22 degrees colder from tonight
  • How do we calculate our exact wealth?
  • What to buy in Canada during March?
  • Want to buy a condo in March? These 3 couples have some word of advice to you
  • Know, when to change your realtor?
  • Will the housing cost continue to rise or is it just a bubble?
  • A different analysis on the housing market; This hot market is not in favor of Canada
  • Mr. Pierre Cardin sells off his home at $120 million
  • Respect people; my father’s unforgettable advice. A note from D. Kent Gale, ex-president of Gale real estate consulting firm.
  • Not a trace for 4 days! A bitter ending of an Iranian grandmother in Montreal
  • Hi! This is Justin Trudeau. A young girl got the surprise of her life when she wrote to Justin Trudeau to complain about Trump
  • Police enquiry ongoing on the murder of  the 20-year-old Gildad in Richmond Hill
  • Is it possible to turn your five year visit visa to permanent residency through study or work?
  • Ten jobs that can improve your chances of immigration to Canada
  • Traditional Nowrouz in shops at Yonge, be ready to witness the world’s largest Haft Sin
  • Waiting for you in Toronto
  • Five things that exist in Toronto, which you weren’t aware of