Iranians in Toronto to usher in Nowruz, Iranian New Year – Atash 79
Iranians in Toronto to usher in Nowruz, Iranian New Year – Atash 79

In the current issue of Atash, we are discussing about Nowruz and spring. The Toronto Iranians are all set to welcome the Persian New Year by organizing various festivities as well as by setting up New Year markets in the city. As per tradition, people have started sprouting Sabze1 and tidying up their homes to usher in New Year. To boost the festive mood among the Toronto Iranians we’ve listed some of the best New Year programs and markets worth a visit. Plus we have included tips on how to arrange Haft Seen and clean up your home during the occasion.

You also get to read about the luckiest Canadian man alive, who has so far encountered and survived multitude of fatal accidents and now is spending his autumn of life in a nursing home.

We have also lined up the list of some exhibitions and big events that will be held in Toronto this weekend. You can grab your Atash 79 issue from the distribution centers of Iranian journals in Toronto.

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Other topics covered in this issue:

  • Trudeau’s government to announce the annual budget on March 22
  • Ladies and gentlemen! Meet the luckiest man in Canada
  • Golden recommendations to follow on the anvil of the audit and tax season in Canada
  • Costco to hike its membership fee from June
  • One out of five Canadians shocked  to see their mobile phone bills
  • My husband told me to capture the internet – Advices of an experienced realtor
  • Restoring Hollywood History – Rehab in progress for Taylor Swift’s $25 million mansion
  • How important is it to buy a house near a good school? Renowned Realtor answer’s to readers’ queries
  • How identity thieves can put your own house for sale and pocket the sale amount
  • Foreign Buyers or Government Regulations? Whom to blame for the present scenario of the Toronto housing market
  • Tips for buying home in this competitive market
  • A to Z on how to spruce up your home this New Year
  • 12 Nowruz recommendations to prep up the most beautiful Sabze
  • Nowruz markets and events in Toronto and Richmond Hill
  • A weekend filled with flower and sweets; Toronto in line to welcome spring

             1Sabze – Grass- One of the most important center pieces in the Haft Seen