New Issue Of Atash Gets The Shades Of Nowrouz - Atash 80
New Issue Of Atash Gets The Shades Of Nowrouz - Atash 80

The 80th issue of Atash was published quite a few days ahead of the New Year. It also bundled a 96 page surprise gift in a magazine format.  Nowadays many Iranians in Canada are eagerly waiting for the latest issue of Atash quite like their Iranian counterparts, back home. As expected, the latest issue of Atash contains more on Iranians and much about Nowrouz. The coming issue you can read tips on how to buy the perfect New Year gift and make your beloved ones happy. Not only that, we have experts sharing their opinions about holding a party without leaving a dent in the wallet. Plus we have this beautiful love story of a couple, who have been together for the past 80 years.

Apart from these, this week we bring some humorous stories from the housing sector. We carry an interview with a caveman, who was a realtor in his own time and an interesting story about a ten- year- old realtor in Canada. In other topics, you can read how Harper suddenly pulled out his diplomats from Iran in 2012 and also catch some interesting weekend offers that we have for our readers.

Other Topics Covered in this Issue:

  • New Document Reveals; how Harper’s government took Canadian diplomats out of Iran?
  • The Beautiful tradition of gifting during Nowrouz ; but how to decide what for whom?
  • How to plan a fun filled holiday party within your budget?
  • Top 10 Earning Jobs in Toronto
  • Some entertaining stories of Canadian realtors on the occasion of Nowrouz
  • A sneak peek inside Jennifer Lopez’s home.
  • Rocketing home prices; be sure to collect taxes from foreign home buyers.
  • Interview with a caveman realtor.
  • Persian students of Thornley hold Nowrouz ceremony. Canadian Prime Minister sends his greetings
  • Eighty years of togetherness; story of an Indian couple in British Columbia
  • Book Intro
  • Do you think you’ve become a true Canadian? Read this to know
  • These are the list of the best cities in the world
  • Don’t miss out on these options this weekend in Toronto