Deported After Living 60 Years In Canada- Atash 81
Atash 81 - March 23, 2017
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The heart-warming tale of a Dutch man, who had been living in Canada since he was six months old until he was deported after 60 years, makes the story in the 81st issue of Atash weekly. Further reads include a romantic account of the history of Canada and the story of a couple who travelled around Canada and drew up a map of the country for the first time. In the financial advice section, read to know on how to avail tax benefits by forming a company in Canada. Add on features include a preview at Canada’s housing market and the latest developments.


  • Half of the Canadian’s opine: Deport illegal refugees
  • 10 things that will further increase your home insurance cost
  • A Canadian story of eternal love
  • The secret behind the craze for red women’s apparel down the streets of Toronto
  • Online auction for street boards
  • Toronto say’s farewell to its only branch of Hard Rock Café
  • Adieu dear Canada! Deported after 60 years in Canada
  • Ellen DeGeneres Dream House – a $45 million masterpiece in Santa Barbara
  • Can I back off after the seller has confirmed my bid price?
  • This time the Toronto rental housing market is in turmoil. Isn’t there really anything to be done?
  • Ontario government pleas towards Ottawa for help; get us more tax from housing market traders.
  • 15 home cleaning suggestions that you wish you had known earlier
  • Know why Canadian’s love Costco stores
  • How can you avail tax benefits by setting up a company in Canada?
  • Set higher goals and trust your inner feelings