Sizdah Be-dar, Iranians conclude Nowruz ceremony in Canada – Atash 82
Sizdah Be-dar, Iranians conclude Nowruz ceremony in Canada – Atash 82
Atash Issue 82 - March 30, 2017
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The latest issue of Atash was released amid the thirteenth of Farvardin – known as Sizdah Be-dar and the much anticipated April fool’s Day. Keeping this in mind we have listed top 10 destinations in Ontario, where you can spend the weekend that coincides with Sizdah Be-dar.  To tickle your funny bones, we have gathered some Canadian stories of comedians and authors, who share their funny experiences about All Fool’s Day. The issue also comes loaded with content that will impart ideas on how to have a good time with family and friends.

We also inform about 8 tax advices, which will help small scale businesses to cash out less tax. The Issue 82 takes a look at the housing market and also lets you know why buyers have invaded the condominium market. In the immigration section, we answer commonly asked queries that include whether Canada’s stance have become anti-immigrant?

Other Topics covered in this Issue:

  • New government facility for families in this year’s Canadian budget
  • Ontario government plans to curb price fluctuation in Toronto housing market
  • Atash’s top 10 recommendations to unwind during Sizdah Be-dar in Ontario
  • Keepsake memories of April fool’s day
  • Canadian’s revel up their April fool’s day memoirs
  • While the world turns populist, will Canada become anti-immigrant?
  • If Ontario decides to receive tax from foreigners, will home prices go down?
  • An Excellent shopping guide for April to bring home the spring
  • Financial Post reports; Buyer’s invade condominium market in Toronto
  • Have a website? 5 recommendations that will give you a better introduction

Sizdah Be-dar is an Iranian festival held annually on the thirteenth day of Farvardin (the first month of the Iranian calendar)