Get To Know About Those Who Are Never Prosecuted In Canada - Atash 83
Get To Know About Those Who Are Never Prosecuted In Canada - Atash 83

Among the thousand’s living in Canada you can find many a  reckless driver, rent defaulters, people living illegally in the country with fake passports and also those who commit heinous crimes like kidnapping and smuggling. At present the Canadian law doesn’t have the provision to act against these law defaulters. This issue of Atash we familiarize you with these unseen people and how diplomatic immunity protects them.

In Atash’s 83rd Issue, we have detailed about the RDSP account and further disclose the story of a billionaire, who has donated $75 million to a hospital in Vancouver. In housing, we talk about 3 interesting stories on home investment and also get to know where the seven sales have happened in Toronto this April.

Other topics covered in this issue:

  • Above the law in Canada; deemed guilty yet unpunished
  • Five sentences not to say to your colleagues at workplace
  • RDSP – the savings account where government chips in to help the disabled during their prime years.
  • Five recommendations to economize your kid’s gym classes
  • Three couples will tell you how they succeeded in buying a house in Toronto
  • ‘Corrupt Elite’ Laundering Money In Canadian Housing: Report
  • Looking to buy an apartment? Any pluses of being near a Subway?
  • A discount of 150 thousand dollars to the buyer I love
  • A review of Canada 14 thousand years ago- New findings from the oldest native settlement.
  • The secret behind this 88 year old billionaire’s $75 million donation to a hospital in Vancouver.
  • US Border guard’s treatment towards Canadians- After Trump
  • Seven big sales in Toronto this April that you should not miss out
  • Fishing experience in Toronto with an Iranian twist
  • Do not underestimate about the access to information on housing market
  • Clint Eastwood’s $10 million mansion, a Spanish-style architectural heritage