Interesting Suggestions To Spend Your Long Weekend - Atash 84
Interesting Suggestions To Spend Your Long Weekend - Atash 84

A holiday is up on the calendar this weekend. Commencing with Good Friday, a long weekend and good weather is up on charts for the Torontonians.

To mark the coming holidays, Issue 84 of Atash weekly newspaper has published a guide that pin points the best destinations in Toronto to go this weekend.

This issue we bring you the story of an Iranian mother in Montreal and about her Godson, who lives in Tehran. It’s the story about a family, who are fallen apart due to legal tangles but still have their hope pinned on.  Turn on the pages to know if you really need to invest in Canada plus details about banks and other investment institutions. We also bring the latest news about Wal-Mart, Costco and Dollarama in this issue of Atash.

Other Topics Covered in this issue:

  • Dollarama to accept credit cards in all its branches starting summer
  • Regina’s Costco to shift three kilometers  to the East
  • Payless Shoes goes bankrupt; 400 stores down their shutter
  • Home delivery service to roll out at Canada’s Wal-Mart
  • Want to invest in banks or credit institutions? Don’t hesitate to leap in
  • Best housing market suggestions
  • Celebrities of House Market’s
  • Nineteen thousand new job’s up in March; vacancies for men top the list
  • Pick your umbrellas. Hot and rainy days forecasted in Toronto
  • A guide to choose the best housing agency; to whom you want to play realtor
  • Want to rent a house in Toronto? These 10 suggestions might help you
  • Azam’s  tale of separation from Preyman; ‘I miss you my Godson’
  • Adieu to my 300-year-old Grandpa
  • Immigration  Minister meets up with young migrants and plays a game of football
  • Can we sign immigration forms and hand them over to lawyers to be filed?
  • Once again a long weekend- Atash’s suggestions for a two-day trip
  • This Good Friday and Easter- get to know how to spend a long holiday