Indecent Proposal In Hawaii - Atash 85
Indecent Proposal In Hawaii - Atash 85

Issue 85 of Atash weekly newspaper carries 2 news reports; one is that of an outrageous proposal made in Hawaii, when a Canadian billionaire proposed a married Brazilian model and actress. Now the model and her husband have filed a complaint against this billionaire.

The other report is that of an Iranian student in St. John, who is accused of attempted murder. The 28-year-old Iranian student – MasihAllah Bakhshi is now in police custody, held on account for this incident that happened on April 7th, and is awaiting trial.

Apart from these reports, flip the pages to read about weekend activities in Toronto, the latest news about Canadian Citizenship Act and some suggestions for the Canadian housing market.


  • Loblaws set to open new branches
  • Cold Coffees – newest sensation at Second Cup
  • Bought a commodity that’s corrupted? Know what to do from these two similar story experiences
  • Costco of another kind; for those who do business
  • Separated at age 36; left with 5 children and a 20 thousand dollar debt
  • Cheesecake Factory to open first overseas outlet in Canada
  • Don’t have enough money to buy a house? Don’t worry there are other ways
  • Toronto’s Mayor- We don’t have any magic solutions for the housing crisis
  • Canadian authorities – We don’t make decisions that result towards a price rise
  • What measures should be taken by the government to slow down housing market?
  • March statistics on house pricing in Canada reveal- 2/8 per cent increase compared to last year
  • A guide to bag the best mortgage, if interest rates are to rise
  • An indecent proposal made in Hawaii
  • Iranian student arrested in St. John. Police accuses him of premeditated murder of friend
  • Citizenship Act in the Senate; Conflict rises between Liberals and Conservatives
  • Four big events lined up this weekend in Toronto
  • Toronto awaiting the cherry blossoms