The spine chilling homicides by an Ontarian ex-nurse – Atash 92
The spine chilling homicides by an Ontarian ex-nurse – Atash 92
Download Atash 92 From Here
Download Atash 92 From Here

The trial of Elizabeth Wettlaufer had grabbed the nation’s attention during the last few days. The 49-year-old ex-nurse, whose video was released by police, has confessed to the murder of eight elderly patients in Ontario. Issue 92 of Atash weekly provides a detailed report that narrates the modus operandi of this serial killer, who killed eight elderlies in a span of seven years.

Meanwhile, two other events have happened in the Canadian housing market. An official authority has announced truce in the GTA markets, for the first time since the introduction of the new provincial legislation. Meantime, Vancouver has returned back to the days before the adoption of the legal regulations. In the housing section we discuss whether these measures will be reflected in Toronto as well and whether the prices are set to rise again?

We give a glance on the six exciting offers that are up for grab this weekend in Toronto. Plus we have the life story of a couple, who came from different corners of the world and met in Canada.


  • Angel of death; details emerge of Ontarian nurse murderer.
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  • New $10 Canadian banknote minted on the occasion of nation’s 150th anniversary.
  • Canada rated one of the safest countries in the world.
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  • The fine line between confidence and pride: How to drive home the point to clients.
  • Toronto housing market reacts to government’s new decisions. Is it a permanent retrieve or a temporary relief similar to Vancouver?
  • A Canadian tourist killed en-course the terrorist aftermath in London.
  • Need for speed on the streets of the city: what’s the secret?
  • Double Luck, an Ontarian man wins lottery twice in a month.
  • A collector’s $12 million gift to the people of Canada.
  • They come from all over the world to Canada and fall in love.
  • Six exciting programs to be held this weekend in Toronto.