Say Good-bye In Vancouver, Bury In Tehran – Atash 94
Say Good-bye In Vancouver, Bury In Tehran – Atash 94
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Download Atash 94 From Here

An exclusive interview with Ahmad Nourani’s family is the highlight of the new issue of Atash weekly newspaper. In this interview, the mourning family talks about Maryam, who died two years ago in Calgary and also about her husband Ahmad Nourani who recently died in a car accident in Vancouver. Their only son, eight-year-old Kuroush is the sole survivor and we have a detailed report on his latest status in this issue of Atash.

As usual, page seven write up is about immigration and this week we have published a table that details the new changes introduced into the Citizenship Act.

The recently celebrated Canadian National Aboriginal Day gave us a cause to give a sneak-peak into the lives of the natives and the events that took place on this occasion in Toronto.


  • Canadian Cancer Society reports: One out of two Canadians suffers from cancer during their lifetime.
  • A Muslim writer pens up his experience of Ramadan in Canada, in Toronto star
  • The Amazon great purchase sends jitters across Canada’s grocery market sector
  • Canadian Aboriginals and their mysterious lifestyle- a look into their everyday life.
  • Housing market – Will the tranquil state prevail till autumn akin to Vancouver and Hong Kong
  • Is it a good time to buy a condo? Why and where to buy?
  • What’s the secret behind the success of this 33 year old woman? Sara Larbi is the proud owner of six homes in and around Tornoto
  • Toronto homes are not too pricey if you compare it with the current gold rate
  • Farewell in Vancouver, funeral in Tehran
  • Providing lunch to homeless people during the holy month of fasting
  • Have you been a permanent resident in Canada for three consecutive years? You are now eligible to apply for a passport from this autumn
  • Ending the weekend by knowing more about the Aboriginal Canadians