Up, Close and Personal into the life of an Iranian Philanthropist from Vancouver
Up, Close and Personal into the life of an Iranian Philanthropist from Vancouver
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Javad Movafaghian is an Iranian philanthropist, who has founded many hospitals, health centers and charity organizations both in Iran and Canada. Learn more about his life and activities in this week’s Atash.

In the housing section, we discuss why Toronto housing prices will not fall. Huffington Post’s report tells us about the arguments prevailing in this regard and why this market will return to its previous condition.


  • Celebrating the 150th anniversary; National gathering to be held in honor of Canada
  • Canadian life on account of statistics
  • Iran condemns Ontario court ruling
  • What to do now? Settle the mortgage or plan for a retirement with $80,000 pay?
  • Next Wednesday be prepared for a probable increase in interest rate
  • New signs indicate the return of foreign buyers to the Vancouver market
  • Foreign buyers in Toronto housing market equals to 5%
  • This house in Toronto was sold last week for $542,000 higher than the actual price
  • New Chairman to head the Toronto Real Estate and Housing Board
  • Reviewing the new job conditions of housing advisers. They can be either the buyer or seller’s agent, fines on offenses also doubled
  • Five reasons by Huffington Post that confirms why the Toronto housing market will not fall
  • Canadians are still worried about housing prices
  • The mysterious basement of the Toronto school and a 100-year-old secret
  • Fate game for Javad Movafaghian; the kind-hearted Iranian immigrant
  • Toronto weekend programs for dining, music, theater and Salsa