Twins re-unite with parents after 38 years
Twins re-unite with parents after 38 years
Download Atash 97 From Here
Download Atash 97 From Here

Living conditions in Canada between now and four years ago have changed quite a deal; to such an extent that it has caused the separation of two children from their parents.

In Atash 97, we get to know about these twins, who after being away for almost 38 years are now set to meet their parents. What caused this separation? Read the issue to know the details.

An interview with Justin Trudeau is also published in this issue of Atash, where he talks about his children, the promises that he has given to people and his relationship with Donald Trump.

Plus, read about ten farms where you can pick fruits and vegetables and also about other weekend programs.


  • Mr. Prime Minister! To what extent have you fulfilled your promises?
  • Want to go fruit picking? Then don’t miss these ten farms
  • Eight laws to follow for leading a healthy summer
  • Doesn’t matter if you want to walk, bike or swim. Follow these recommendations during this hot weather
  • Ontario housing minister: The impact of new regulations on the market is  psychological
  • Richmond Hill market; where housing deals are still hot and lucrative
  • How can you buy a townhouse for the cost of a car?
  • Parents wait to embrace their twins after 38 long years
  • Have an Asian name? You’ll have a hard time finding job in Canada
  • All you can do this weekend in Toronto