Special report on the new governor of Canada
Special report on the new governor of Canada
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This issue introduces you to the new governor of Canada, Julia Payette, and latest addition to the Trudeau league. Ms. Payette is a retired Canadian astronaut, who has won many honors. Learn more about her and see what responsibilities she handles as the governor general of Canada. The other hot news is the increase of interest rates by the central bank and the effects it would have on the mortgage and housing market as well as the economy and everyday lifestyle of an average Canadian.

Read about this Afghan girl, who has taken flying as a profession and travels around the world as well as the weekend offers that are up for grab in this issue of Atash 98.


  • The governor general of Canada and all you need to know about her
  • Everything about Julie Payette – the new Canadian governor
  • Canadians buy $30 billion second-hand goods each year
  • Is the increasing interest rate indicating towards a flourishing economy? What does it imply to us?
  • What’s going to happen in the housing market? What are the things we should be aware of?
  • National Association of Mortgage Brokers: New rules won’t affect Canadians’ purchasing behavior
  • Increasing interest rates; Are they reflections of a decision?
  • Hike in interest rates; will people buy it or will they distance themselves? Toronto Star reports
  • Condo rental market in Toronto becomes irresistible in recent weeks
  • Mayor Tory: No need for worry! Toronto still has a healthy housing market
  • This house in Toronto was sold for 300 thousand dollars, much above the asking price
  • It’s a world record for this Afghan migrant girl. She is the youngest female in the aviation history flying around the world
  • Participate in this medical classes for ultrasound, which could be the best way for physicians to enter the Canadian job market
  • As other nations raise walls to prevent immigrant entry, Canada stands apart with their humanitarian deeds
  • Top five plans for this weekend in Toronto