Story of men who want to have a clean chit of their past
Story of men who want to have a clean chit of their past
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Download Atash 100 From Here

The Atash 100 was released with various reports on people from Iran and Canada. This issue we bring you the story of an Iranian citizen, currently residing in the United States, as he was earlier imprisoned in Canada. While trying to erase his criminal records from the Canadian websites, the US police have now arrested him. In another spine chilling case a man’s past lead him to murder his mother and two brothers in Toronto.

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  • My husband doesn’t want to return from Canada. I want a divorce from him
  • Attempts made by an Iranian person to hack Canadian websites; He gets arrested in the United States later.
  • Twenty best-selling cars of 2017 in Canada
  • This man from Quebec gets lucky again, wins a $9 million lottery after a span of 9 years
  • Three popular investment methods in the Canadian financial system
  • Horse riding in Toronto; a fun activity to indulge in
  • Buyers still in doubt over investing in a house? How long’s the trend here to stay on?
  • Peter Milczyn, the new Ontario housing minister
  • Vancouver, Toronto and Berry ; the most expensive Canadian cities to rent
  • Jeff Busum’s new home. See the house of the most richest man in the world
  • Which areas have seen a spurge of price and which areas a dip? Housing prices report from Toronto
  • Court’s order: This semi-finished house should be destroyed
  • A deadly secret; What this 36-year-old Toronto man hid from his fiancée, which eventually led him to murder his mother and two brothers out of fear; just three weeks before getting married
  • Ontario court issues order against an Iranian man, who beat his wife and sons
  • To what extent is it important to furnish exact information while applying for a tourist visa?
  • Another Nazi execution squad member stripped off Canadian citizenship
  • Dance, exercise and eat. Explore the many options this long weekend in Toronto