Meet the Canadian Daddy Long Leg
Meet the Canadian Daddy Long Leg
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Download Atash 101 From Here

The famous Canadian novelist, Camilla Gibb has a real Daddy Long Legs in her life. A man who had helped her to become what she always wanted to be, ‘a writer’. Camilla narrates the story of meeting this Daddy Long Legs in the Issue 101 of Atash weekly newspaper.

This week in the housing sector, we look into the heavy fines imposed by court on violators in the market. We also introduce you to the different programs to be held this weekend including the largest Canadian street festival.


  • Court fines $360,000 on buyer, who was dissuaded from buying a home
  • Canada, now the second most popular destination for Chinese millionaires
  • Electric-charcoal grills; an easy solution to make a delicious roast
  • All you need for a comfortable camping in Canada
  • Finding a rental in Toronto; a marathon where everyone can’t reach the finishing line
  • Vancouver – a year after taxing foreign buyers, what really has happened?
  • Facebook officially enters the housing market
  • Can I separate the basement from the open kitchen after buying a home? How?
  • A rare $250,000 fine for a real estate agency in Richmond
  • Meet the Canadian Daddy Long Legs
  • Why this man’s wife isn’t willing to come to Canada? It’s because she’s a doctor in Bangladesh
  • Food and sweets that are lined up for you this weekend