Meet the Iranian doctor, whom the Canadian’s call a ‘Star’
Meet the Iranian doctor, whom the Canadian’s call a ‘Star’
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Download Atash 102 From Here

Andrew Bozari, a 31-year-old Iranian doctor, who was born into a migrant family, is quite famous among the medical and scientific circle. Follow his life and know about his family in this issue of Atash.

In Atash 102, you can read how difficult it is to rent a home as well as take in recommendations to go hiking and have fun this weekend.


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  • Three reasons why detailing is decisive in the housing market
  • Renting a home in Toronto has never been this difficult
  • How does fraud occur in the housing market and what precautions should we take?
  • Meet 31-year-old Dr. Bozari and know why he is called a ‘Super Star’ in Canada
  • An exciting walk, within an hour’s distance in Toronto
  • The first women-only taxi service in Halifax; Ms McDowell says she’s got nothing to do with feminism
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