Fifteen Offers by Atash on how to spend the last weekend this summer
Fifteen Offers by Atash on how to spend the last weekend this summer
Download Atash 104 From Hear
Download Atash 104 From Hear

The upcoming weekend is the last one this summer and many Canadian’s have chalked up their plans. In Issue 104 of Atash, we have 15 offers for those in Toronto that includes exploring the city and also taking a trip around Toronto. We also have some faraway suggestions like Kingston and Thousand Islands. Don’t miss the report about these spectacular destinations.

In this issue, we will get to know about an Iranian family, who has recently taken over the management of an Indian chain restaurant (Amaya) in Canada. Applicable recommendations for paying perquisite to employees and news and analyzes on Canada housing market are other parts of Atash 104.


  • Eternal calmness at the family tomb; a unique method to help save the environment
  • An Iranian family purchases Amaya chain restaurant in Canada
  • Dara Khosrowshahi, new CEO of Uber
  • Essential recommendations for those who want to pay prerequisite to their employees
  • Are you a twosome? Then these eight spectacular destinations in Ontario are for you
  • Significant price slash in Toronto housing market; does this mean that homes have become cheaper?
  • Beyoncé opts for a home loan; it’s a whopping $52 million with a four percent interest
  • TREB chief: Take care of Toronto housing supply
  • Toronto coast experiences condo waves
  • Decision making in housing market and the common mistakes that you could leap into
  • Myths that you hear these days about Toronto housing market
  • Kingston and Thousand Islands; great destinations for this long weekend
  • All you need to know about immigration while investing in Canada
  • Fifteen offers up by Atash to spend your weekend this summer end