Missing girls of Canada - A special case study
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Many girls in Canada have reportedly gone missing over the past decade and this has been one of the hottest pursued subjects by the media. In this issue of Atash, we get you into the details of three teenage girls, who have disappeared suddenly and till date nobody knows what happened to them.

This week on the immigrant pages report, we have the story of an immigrant girl, who is the owner of a multi-million dollar business, all within a span of two years of settling in Canada. There is also the story of an Iranian-Canadian star who is all set to hit the silver screen this week.


  • Canadian Iranian actress stages return with the American Assassin
  • Why has the new tax law irritated doctors and small business owners?
  • Latest autumn trends for those who are set to get married this year
  • Future of the Canadian housing market post the central bank hike in interests
  • Where to live? City or the suburbs?
  • Do recent changes in the housing market answer these questions?
  • Reuter survey on the future of housing market in Toronto
  • Does it stand correct that a person can’t be both a seller and the buyer’s agent?
  • The missing case of girls in Canada and the desperate mothers whose wait never ends
  • Maryam Monsef’s selfie with Angelina Jolie
  • The growth of Nadia and her multi-million dollar business all in a span of two years
  • Five hot recommendations in Toronto for this weekend