A glimpse into the private life of Melania Trump as she visits Toronto
Atash Issue 108 - For Web Page
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The relationship between the US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania has always been one of the most debated topics in the media. Melania came visiting Toronto this week and following her visit we delve more into the private side of both her and Mr. President and also their relationship, with significant insights from their friends. We ponder if they have any particular reason to live apart for months or is that just because of Trump’s 24 hour commitments? How did they get acquainted and why is Melania Trump a special woman in Donald’s life?

This week, we explore all over Toronto and get to plan some autumn field visits for you. Weekend programs and an interview with an Iranian immigrant, who is now the head of 3M Canada are other important topics spread out in this issue of Atash 108.


  • Eight most sought out jobs in Canada
  • Trump’s latest ‘decree’ extends ban on entry into the United States
  • Time to explore the fields around Toronto, even if you aren’t interested in buying pumpkins
  • 10 questions to ask yourself to know if you have a credit crunch
  • Interested in buying a home in Toronto? You must have a six digit income
  • Seven important aspects that your realtor should fit in to
  • With the economy becoming dynamic, homes are turning up more expensive
  • Miley Cyrus’s $5.8 million house. A chic mansion in Motherland
  • Are you a realtor? Then make sure you prioritize your customer’s interest
  • The private side of Mr. and Mrs. Trump
  • Meet Poul, the Iranian descendant immigrant, who is now the president of 3M Canada
  • Five plans to spend a quite weekend in Toronto