Canadian Citizenship Act Detailed in this Issue
Canadian Citizenship Act Detailed in this Issue
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Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s Minister of Immigration has announced at a press conference that a major part of the Canadian Citizenship Act will be put into effect, starting October 11th. In this issue of Atash, we introduce you to these changes and have detailed as to who can start applying for citizenship, starting this Wednesday.

Steven Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, is also one of the main subjects of discussion in this issue of Atash. The man at the age of 64 has shot 22,000 people and killed 59. We also discuss on topics like disability insurance, the latest housing market conditions as well as some weird weekend fun places to go, in Atash 109.


  • Yummy Market – This supermarket brings you the delicious flavors of Eastern Europe
  • Thanksgiving; Where to go when it’s closed everywhere in Canada
  • Jagmeet Singh, the new leader of Canada NDP
  • Five injured in Edmonton terrorist attacks
  • Disability insurance in Canada- Facts to know, if you are an employed person
  • These recommendations will help you sell your car better in Kijiji
  • Are you a buyer worried about the future? Then you should definitely experience this new housing market
  • Toronto home prices finally raised in September after months long wait
  • Economist: Do not worry about mortgages, Canadian banks have the right policy
  • What’s a Status Certificate? Why is it important to read it before inking a purchase?
  • A quiet American from Las Vegas; The story of a man, who out of the blue, shot 22,000 people.
  • Canada’s new Citizenship Act to be implemented from Wednesday
  • Six weird weekend funs to hop into this long weekend in Toronto