A Mystery filled life; Traversing from Canada to Netherlands
Atash Issue 110 - For Web Page 1
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The story of a Dutch man, who has re-found his long lost roots in Canada, forms the first report in the latest issue of Atash weekly newspaper. In Atash 110, we get to know about a Canadian, who unveiled a strange mystery surrounding his father for years. It narrates how unraveling a mystery around a relationship, which begun during the Second World War, changed the Dutch man’s life.

Another report in Atash is about a Canadian traveler couple, who have been going around the world and meeting people for years. They tell their experiences and explain what people in other countries think about Canada and Canadians.

Twelve recommendations on outdoor trips this autumn as well as suggested plans for this weekend are also included in Atash 110.


  • What do people from around the world think about Canadians? The narrative of this traveler couple
  • Twelve suggestions on where to spend your outdoor this autumn
  • Seeing a return of buyers in September? Is Toronto following in the footsteps of Vancouver?
  • Celebrities and their homes
  • Strange complaint by neighbours; They have copied the plan of our home.
  • The Central Bank of Canada finalizes new mortgage rates this month
  • What do these different titles for each realtor in Canada mean?
  • My dad fought for Canada, my mother for her love and I to become a Canadian
  • That stranger devotee was from Iran!
  • Five wonderful events in Toronto not to give a miss this weekend