Troubles galore for this Ontarian Nurse
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Download Atash 112 From Here

In recent years, Nurse Flynn has been the prime suspect of one of the most controversial cases in Ontario. All these years, she has pleaded not-guilty and has claimed that she had only listened to her patient’s husband. This week, Atash reports about the incident that has changed her life and the court’s decision to probe her strange case.

Halloween and the spectacular autumn colors have a special place in this issue of Atash. Get to know ten beautiful autumn paths around Toronto, which can be reached within an hour of driving. We also have different offers lined up for Halloween, starting from events to places where you can buy Halloween costumes. The issue also reviews the status of the immigrant Afghan women.


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  • Ten great suggestions to drive around in Toronto this autumn
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  • Toronto needs four times rental space than today
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  • Arrest of an Afghan woman for immigration fraud in Mississauga
  • Irma Hurricane re-united the missing Canadian pilot to his family after 60 years
  • ‘Immigrant women’; the most successful social group in Canada
  • This Halloween take a frightening and adventurous night trip through the city