An introduction to the best rated universities in Canada
Download Atash 113 From Here
Download Atash 113 From Here

Want to know which are the elite and top notch universities in Canada, based on the ratings by Maclean for 2018? Then read the latest issue of Atash 113 to know the best medical, engineering and graduate universities along with reviews from university students, where they rate the universities according to their experience.

The interview of a Canadian mother, who had been in Taliban captivity for five years, is also published in this issue. Two family linked murder reports on page 6 of Atash are among the other interesting stories in this issue.

Topics on housing and some of the best weekend programs are also being published in this new issue of Atash.


  • This woman broke her years of silence to tell the story of five years of captivity and motherhood in Afghanistan.
  • Maclean’s 2018 ranking of the best universities in Canada
  • The G1 written test to be held in Farsi in Ontario
  • Iranians the fourth group of immigrants to settle in Canada in the past four years
  • Bob Dylan’s studio rentals amount to $18,000 per month
  • ‘Average Prices’ are an unseen trap. How to overcome them safely?
  • Figure out the costs that you should bear on the ‘Closing Date’. Know in detail
  • Six secrets to gain more clients in this tepid market
  • Murder at the Alberta Dentistry Conference. The gentle natured firefighter killed a doctor and later himself
  • Hospital shooting; An old man killed his wife and was later shot down by the police
  • Amir Ehsan the plane accident victim in Calgary wanted to be a pilot like his father
  • Five most incredible Toronto events this weekend