Iranian real estate house faces lockdown in Toronto
Iranian real estate house faces lockdown in Toronto
Download Atash 114 From Here
Download Atash 114 From Here

Atash 114 comes this week with the report of an Iranian housing business facing closure. The license of this real estate agency was revoked by RECO and publications like the Toronto Star and other Canadian newspapers have carried reports about it. You can read this and more in our latest issue, which is available across distribution centers in Canada.

A Canadian soldier’s memoirs of World War II, the requirements for getting a Canadian citizenship are other segments in this issue of Atash. Some suggestions for hot air balloon rides and how to plan family weekend get-togethers are also published in this issue.


  • A man, who brought winter to Toronto
  • Remembering Iran and my Iranian friends; memories of a Canadian adventurer and traveller
  • Do you frequently dine out or indulge in cloth shopping? Know what everyday pleasures are wiping out the pockets of Canadians
  • Hot air balloon rides over Ontario; an opportunity to view a riot of colours this fall
  • 12% increase in home sales in Toronto
  • To buy or to sell first? Which is better nowadays in the housing market?
  • What things to consider when on the lookout for a home in Toronto?
  • Return of foreign buyers to the Vancouver market
  • Price index of homes across Toronto during October 2017
  • RECO puts stop to the activity of a housing company owned by an Iranian
  • Douglas Clark was 16 when he went to the war but he was not supposed to be killed
  • From criminal records to language certificates. Know the documents needed for getting a Canadian citizenship
  • Canada’s new immigration program announced: One million people to enter the country in the next three years
  • Six suggestions for families to pick up this weekend in Toronto