The story of two elderly women on two sides of the world
The story of two elderly women on two sides of the world
Download Atash 115 From Here
Download Atash 115 From Here

As this elderly woman in Japan is about to go to the gallows for killing her three husbands, there is this woman in Toronto who rekindles her memory of building a hospital for soldiers and nursing the injured during the Second World War. In Atash 115, we have published two separate reports about the lives of these two elderly women.

A different topic in this issue of Atash discusses the consequences of legalizing marijuana in Canada. It ponders how students will be affected and which universities use marijuana the most.

On the other hand the list of the richest Canadians was announced, which you can get to know in this issue. Weekend programs these days in Toronto are all about Christmas.


  • List of the richest men of Canada in 2018
  • Which students and universities in Canada use marijuana more?
  • This women killed her three husbands with cyanide and received $9 million as compensation from insurance companies
  • Bridle Path: How’s it to live in one of the most expensive neighborhoods of Toronto? Know the lucky ones who live here.
  • Eight characteristics that a good realtor should have
  • This woman swindled $300,000 through mortgage
  • Which stores do newcomers to Canada frequently shop from?
  • I walked along the sidelines of death to save the life of soldiers – memories of a Canadian nurse from World War II
  • Price of condos in Toronto rises close to that of villas. Is this natural?
  • Five recommendations for landing on a sweet housing deal
  • Prince Edwards Island; $18 million collected as revenue from immigrant deposits
  • Toronto’s meet and greet with Christmas this weekend. Know the places you would like to go?
  • Santa Claus’s historic parade in Toronto
  • Fabulous Christmas shopping fair in Toronto
  • Launch of the beautiful Toronto Christmas tree
  • The official beginning of Christmas in Toronto
  • Christmas themed romantic market in this historic Toronto arena
  • Iran’s annual cinema celebration in Toronto