Meet Canada’s ‘special people’ in this issue of Atash 116
Meet Canada’s ‘special people’ in this issue of Atash 116
Download Atash 116 From Here
Download Atash 116 From Here

Atash 116, that is set to be released on Thursday from Toronto, is filled up with reports and stories of people, who are ‘unique’ in one way or the other. Read the story of this Canadian immigrant soccer player, who made his performance count in the Canadian national team and also about this man, who died in a tragic accident in Ontario leaving behind his wife and nine children.

We also give you a sneak peek into the ‘colors’ that would be trending this New Year and also get you acquainted with the weekend events happening in Toronto. A special guide about Black Friday is also published along with this issue.


  • All you need to know about how to grab a good deal this Black Friday
  • These 26 people bought a lottery ticket together and won $10 million
  • Women facing terror charges yells abusive words at Toronto court
  • In 2018 these eight colors are to be the trendiest and perfect for your home
  • Five fun programs not to be missed this weekend in Toronto
  • The 37-year-old Toronto accident victim was the father of 9 children
  • Our father couldn’t immigrate before he died, now at least transfer  $120,000 in his account
  • Condo builders in Toronto cancel pre-sale contracts; leaving buyers confused
  • Want to buy your first home? You will have to clear these five issues first
  • Canada launches new visa issuance centers in China
  • This immigrant teenager is the star player of the Canadian national soccer team
  • Why America’s housing market leaders did not make into the list of the 400 richest people this year?
  • The $243 million debt burden of the great real estate company in Alberta