Hope comes in the form of $1.5 million
Hope comes in the form of $1.5 million
Download Atash 117 From Here
Download Atash 117 From Here

A woman, who had given up all her hopes, re-surges back with a lottery ticket win. She is the main topic of our discussion in this issue of Atash. We get to know about the hardships faced by her and her plans for a brighter tomorrow. A report about a particular place in Canada where men and women are over a hundred years old is another interesting read. Housing market issues, analyzing issues of Canadian immigrants as always and suggestions on what to do this weekend in Toronto are other topics in this issue of Atash 117.



  • Nova Scotia; A place where men and women live for more than 100 years
  • Five reasons why November was the worst month of the year
  • Five simple ways to boost your credit score, starting today
  • Six key tips on how to maintain tires during winter in Canada
  • Canadian housing market; why is everyone still interested to buy a house here?
  • Increase in Canada’s rental; two times higher than the inflation rate
  • How can we legally terminate the contract between the client and the realtor?
  • New method of selling home in Ontario; Online auction
  • The government’s new strategy for the housing market. Who has benefitted the most?
  • $1.5 million lottery bonanza for a woman who had lost all her hopes in life
  • Police on the look-out for fake lottery winners
  • This 71-year-old Costco staff has won the right to sit while on work
  • Racial minorities yet to get placed on leading posts of Canadian companies
  • Five not-to-miss plans for the last month of this year