Celebrating Iranian ‘Yalda’
Celebrating Iranian ‘Yalda’
Download Atash 119 From Here
Download Atash 119 From Here

Next Thursday is Yalda and many Iranians gather on this day or on the coming weekend nights to celebrate the event. Friends and families meet and greet each other and celebrate the longest night of the year. In this issue of Atash, we have written about the significance of celebrating Yalda plus have included other two programs that will be held this weekend.

The story of a 70-year-old man, who borrowed to build his home and eventually lost everything in his life is published in Atash 119 and is a story worth reading. A report on Toronto’s mafia families has also been published in the latest issue of Atash.


  • An Iranian man’s bizarre complaint on TD Bank; he asks for half a million dollar in compensation for the closure of his account
  • How this 70-year-old man ruined his life by courting a mortgage?
  • Toronto looks up to its next mafia godfather
  • Death and life game of a Canadian couple gambling on Bitcoin
  • Four years of austerity for being rescued from an $85,000 debt
  • A storm of destiny that united this couple in love
  • The love nest of Megan Markle and Prince Harry to be put up for sale
  • Has Canadian’s view of immigrants changed?
  • Yalda gatherings around Korsi; a sweet reminder of the memorable past
  • Ideas for setting a Yalda table abroad
  • Two offers on card for a special Yalda night
  • Life insurance ranking in Canada improves
  • The exact number of foreign housing buyers to be announced
  • Giving public access to home sales information; Take of Opponents and supporters
  • The price index for different home types in and around Toronto for November 2017