Uncovering the death of a billionaire couple
Uncovering the death of a billionaire couple
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The death of Barry and Honey Sherman, the Canadian billionaire couple, was widely discussed by the Canadian media last week. Investigators found their dead bodies in their $7 million house last Friday, which kick-started many rumors. This issue we have published in detail about this mysterious crime and also penned a biography of the couple, which will let you know more about them.

We also have an interview with the head of the largest Canadian real estate and housing company, this issue. Read on to know the story behind Canada Remax and the company CEO’s views and concerns about the Canadian market.


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  • Story behind Canada Remax; The Globe and Mail interview with the head of Canada’s largest real estate company
  • Suicide or murder? The secrets remain unresolved in home No. 50
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  • Four different irresistible offers to escape from the Toronto winter; enjoy your winter  escapade