Reasons that elevated Canada’s global status quo in 2017
Reasons that elevated Canada’s global status quo in 2017
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Canada, a place where tens of thousands of Iranians have immigrated  over the past years, is known for its harsh and cold winter climate. Apart from this cold spell, there are many other features that make it distinct from other countries in the world. In this issue of Atash, we have listed eight distinct features of Canada that have elevated its global significance in 2017. We have added new pages in Atash that deals with investment and mortgages, franchising, as well as a guide to weekend activities where you could take your family.



  • Eleven important steps that would help to establish a franchise business in Canada
  • A retrospect into the different stages of Iran’s national protests as appeared in Canadian media, Ottawa’s stand and Tehran’s counter-reaction
  • Is your car stuck in the snow? Here are ten things that you should do
  • Five lessons to learn from Swedish people while winter driving
  • Three factors that would determine the trends of housing market in 2018
  • To rent this house, you need to pay $41,000 per month
  • How to investigate and research before you buy a house?
  • A look at the list of news that shook the Toronto housing market last year
  • Five offers for branding gold in the Canadian Housing market
  • 2018 forecast cause banks to worry, while predicts a better and calmer scenario for the housing market
  • If you have money buy your home now with cash, for these seven reasons
  • Eight reasons as to why Canada was a special country in 2017
  • Nine suggestions to spend a memorable snowy day when you can’t step out from your home

Trendy hair colors to sport this winter in the latest issue of Atash Family

The first issue of Atash Family was published in Toronto this week. Atash Family covers sections like lifestyle, health, and beauty. In this issue of Atash Family, we get to know the haircuts sported by stars and supermodels this winter season. We have included the interview of several mothers in Canada and get to know why it’s important to get an influenza vaccine this year.


  • Few tips to maintain a healthy and attractive skin this cold season
  • Should we tell others that we are on a diet or not?
  • Get to know these lovely vegetables
  • Iranians and their immigrant life
  • I don’t want to get sick or catch a cold this winter
  • Confessions of a working mother and a housewife
  • I ate spicy chilly and my mouth burned. Tell me what to do?
  • The world around us through kid’s eyes
  • What to do with food left outside the fridge overnight? Should I throw it away?
  • How to wash knitted garments?
  • Short stories close to heart
  • How to have beautiful tresses?
  • Influenza vaccine. Why you should go for it and not make an excuse
  • I am a mother and rather a good one indeed!
  • Bitter and sweet news that made the headlines of 2017 in Canada
  • Mommy! I love you, but I’ve always hated that salmon special feed
  • What hair color to choose this winter? Celebrities answer