‘She finally forgave her father’s murderer’ – read in the latest issue of Atash Family
‘She finally forgave her father’s murderer’ – read in the latest issue of Atash Family
Download Atash 123 From Here
Download Atash 123 From Here

The latest issue of Atash Family weekly newspaper is out in the stands and you can grab your copy from distribution centers that sell Iranian publications. In this issue, you get to read about the report of a girl who eventually saw her father’s murderer and forgave him. She explains, in this issue, how she could finally bury the hatchet by forgiving the man who ruined her life and her after-feelings.

In this issue of Atash Family, published in eight pages, know how to buy a suitable toothbrush, the latest beauty tricks and lifestyle trends in Canada.


  • Plan your daytime activities well to sleep-tight at night
  • Read these suggestions before buying a toothbrush
  • What my eight-year-old girl taught me was actually a mind map
  • I met my father’s murderer on Facebook
  • People donate $400,000 to homeless man, who donated his only $20
  • Do you have these five symptoms? Then you have urinary tract infection
  • Why does mascara run under our eyes?
  • Three makeup rituals that are not mandatory and can be ignored
  • Useful tips on how to take benefit of citrus fruits
  • Looking for a good mouthwash? Choose one from these three types
  • I am about to use hair color for the first time. Do I need to test it first?
  • Confessions of working mothers’ and housewives’
  • A lottery scam, involving an 80-year-old woman, who didn’t even participate in the lucky dip, foiled
  • Why do our lips get dried up?
  • Iranian Life – An immigration story
  • These 10 signs indicate that you need a new hairdresser
  • Benefits of charcoal mask

Predictions on Housing Market trends for this year – in Atash this week

Canada’s housing market was a major factor that determined the country’s economic growth in 2017, and now not only the experts but all Canadian economists are keenly following the trends of the Canadian housing market this year. In this issue of Atash, we will read experts’ predictions on this matter and will see how the mortgage market will perform this year.

Topics on insurance, investing in a franchise, housing statistics as well as tricks adapted by Canadian immigration lawyers are other topics published in Atash 123.

Furthermore read about four plans to have an entertaining weekend in the latest issue of Atash.


  • 10 trends that would determine the status of investment and the Canadian market this year
  • This weekend in Toronto, get ready to visit the largest Canadian Franchise exhibition
  • Montreal Bank expert: Casco stocks will be valuable
  • Eli, Sara and the case of a mother, who broke her leg this winter. Know the insurance claim that helped them
  • Five things that you should do today about your car insurance
  • Five points to take note regarding housing market in 2018
  • Official statistics: 2017 has been the strongest year in the past decade for home builders
  • A luxury mansion as old as Canada built 150 years ago
  • The four ethical principles that well known real estate consultants respect
  • The price index for different house types throughout Toronto as in December 2017
  • How should I prosecute my real estate consultant?
  • Do you want to get a mortgage? Know the possibilities of getting one this year
  • Forecasting is the key to get a right mortgage for you
  • 13 essential measures an immigration lawyer does so that his client doesn’t have to go out of Canada
  • Iranian-Canadians marry people from other nations more than before
  • Four weekend plans that you should consider going this weekend in Toronto