Purchase guide for Franchise investors, in this issue of Atash
Purchase guide for Franchise investors, in this issue of Atash


Download Atash 124 From Here
Download Atash 124 From Here

If you, like many of those living in Canada, are thinking about investing or buying a franchise, Atash’s latest article is just for you. Written by a topnotch expert of the Canadian Franchise industry, the article explains the matters you should take into note before making any investment decision. You also get to know about five Toronto sisters, who face their opponents in hockey, while wearing a hijab. Move over to the weekend page and get to decide which program you will be attending in Toronto this week.


  • Decided on investing in a Franchise? Take a moment to read this article before you take the leap
  • A Financial advisor’s guide on how to take an early retirement with ample savings for the future
  • Bitcoin in Canada: Should we Buy or Wait?
  • Housing market trends in the New Year; what are the viable options? To buy or not?
  • A house on the sea-front; When the beach up-scales the value of your house
  • Looking to sell your home? Things that you should expect from your real estate consultant
  • Why are investors more interested to build condos over shopping malls these days?
  • When supply doesn’t meet demand. Limited Condos raise rentals in Great Toronto
  • Three ways to re-build and elevate your home value
  • Revelations on ‘Violet’; The vogue color of 2018
  • These five Muslim sisters play hockey in Toronto and stand against all stereotypes
  • Five hand-picked events for this weekend

A False Alarm ruined the holiday of these Canadians’ at Hawaii, read in Atash Family

The latest issue of Atash Family covers the narrative of three Canadian families and their strange experience. The Canadians’ who were on a vacation to Hawaii experienced the shock of their live due to a false warning. This issue, we share with our readers the anxious moments they had been through. In the parenthood section, read how kids can distract the driver, and what to do in these circumstances. The weekly contains varied content on life style, health, life and fashion stories and make-up tips for Iranian families living in Canada.


  • Twelve minutes of horror; Three Toronto families face their worst fear
  • Things to remember when kids catch cold
  • Perils of driving along with children
  • Bohemian decorations; full of vigor and life,  reminiscent of the gypsy era
  • Strange warnings issued by health experts during last year
  • Voluminous shampoo, styling or softener? Which of these will make our hair look great?
  • Take these four tests to know if you’re still young or smitten by age
  • Confessions of working mothers and housewives
  • Can we use child thermometers on adults?
  • This young immigrant in Brampton killed his wife and mother-in-law
  • Buy a flowerpot and be stress-free
  • 14 tips from a barber to fix your next appointment at a barber shop