Story of a Lost Canadian in the new issue of Atash
Story of a Lost Canadian in the new issue of Atash
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The new issue of Atash weekly printed newspaper carries the report about a Canadian mother, who has been living here since the age of two though her official status shows her as a ‘missing person’. While the government is taking measures to deport her, our report delves more into her problematic life. Meanwhile, in the housing sector read an analysis on the new mortgage terms as well as upcoming events happening on the coming days. Plus we have an interesting guide that will help you sleigh ride with Huskies near Toronto this weekend.


  • Defensive investment; when to opt for a low but safe interest rate?
  • Six recommendations for those first timers, who are looking to sell their car in Canada
  • Everything about the RRSP account; A safer way to secure your future
  • Meet up with ace National Geographic photographer; this weekend in Toronto
  • Four things hot and happening this year in the housing market
  • Right through this $30 million mansion passes a river
  • Which cities do Millenials like?
  • Most frequented questions from Toronto on housing last year
  • US housing statistics of last year scales lower than expected
  • New mortgage terms; Your fears and hopes answered by an expert
  • Another hike in interest rates; what to expect now?
  • I’ve misplaced my traffic ticket, what should I do?
  • To be deported! After living 37 years in Canada, woman told to leave the country
  • The University of Toronto reduces tuition fee of foreign PHD candidates by one-third
  • Know where to sleigh ride with dogs near Toronto
  • Two winter weekend programs chartered for Torontonians

The untimely accident of a 5 year-old angle, in the new issue of Atash Family

A five-year-old girl, who against all odds fought and defeated cancer, passed away last week in a tragic accident in Toronto. In the new issue of Atash Family read more about the accident and the little angel, as remembered by her family members. In other sections of the magazine, we reveal Obama’s romantic gift to his wife Michelle plus other segments on fashion, makeup and beauty.


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  • The deadly school accident of a five-year-old angel, who had survived cancer
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