Why Atash is the most popular media for Farsi speaking community



Why Atash Is The Most Popular Media For Farsi Speaking Community?

  • Instant coverage of Canadian news in Farsi through all social media
  • Having more than 50K followers in social media
  • Daily newsletter sent to more than 10K 
  • More than 12K daily view of Atash website
  • Implementing the most updated digital marketing trend for business advertisement 
  • The best Alexa (Amazon site ranking platform) ranking among Canadian-Farsi medias

Instagram-Telegram Advertising Package:

The latest Atash platform to promote businesses targeting more than 30K audience

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Advertising In Atash Daily Newsletter:

  • Atash daily newsletter covers daily Canadian reports and news along with the translation of the 4 major Canadian newspapers. 
  • Every day more than 10K people receive Atash newsletter (10281 as of 22 Oct 2020)
  • Email click rate is 27-35%
  • The link click rate of emails is 13-18%
  • All emails from 2015 are archived in atashdaily.com 

 Here is the media kit for newsletter advertisement:

PositionSize / pxRate /DaySpecial Rate/Day
Top480 X 540$ 60$ 40
Inline480 X 540$ 35$ 25

Of note, some positions have a waiting list


Atash Website: 

Is the most view Farsi website in Canada (as per the amazon Alexa site rating platform)

  • Covers various new in immigration, property market, tourism, living, and lifestyle in Canada
  • It has over 335k monthly visits 

The media kit for advertising on the Atash website: 

PositionPageSize / pxRate /WeekSpecial Rate/Week
Super BannerAll The Pages600 X 75$165.00$115.00
LeaderboardAll The Pages728 X 90$165.00$115.00
SidebarAll The Pages300 X 100$70.00$50.00
Article TopOnly Inner Pages700 X 135$135.00$95.00
Article InlineOnly Inner Pages700 X 135$105.00$75.00
Article BottomOnly Inner Pages700 X 135$50.00$35.00

Of note, some positions have a waiting list

Content Marketing: 

One of the most successful Atash tools to promote and branding businesses comes in the forms of: 

Due to Atash standards for content marketing and the limitation of positions, this service needs to be verified and discussed in further detail. 

The produced content will be introduced in below platforms: 

How to contact us: 

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