The Latest Atash Advertising Package For Social Media


To maximize business’ exposure through our media platforms, Atash developed a special advertising package for Telegram and Instagram. 

As you are aware, we were substantial to keep our social media free of advertisements in the past 5 years. However,  given the recent changes and the importance of digital media and marketing, the new package is designed to guarantee ad viewership. 

Through this package, your ad comes along with the attractive Atash news and articles and will be shared in Telegram and Instagram.

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A Very Special Offer Until The End Of The Year, 

Since both of these platforms are new and growing, ads will be shared in the other two main Atash platforms until the end of the year.

In this way, your ad will be accessible to more than 30K of audiences. 

The price for each time ad is $30/day and will be available for 5days a week. In case of booking all 5 days a week, there would be 2 complimentary ads for Sat. and Sun.

  • The minimum duration of the package is 13 weeks. 

We have limitations for ad numbers per day, so if you are interested contact us as soon as possible. 


 Sample Ads In Telegram:


 Sample Ads In Instagram:

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