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  • Atash daily newsletter covers daily news from the major Canadian Media, translated and edited in Farsi for a quick look.
  • It is laying in inboxes of more than 10,000 people every weekday.
  • The archive from 2015 can be reached at

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Atash Website the most visited Iranian website in Canada according to

Stats to compare, are accessible on (Amazon company for website rating)

We keep on issuing our weekly magazine in digital format on Thursdays and the contents are re-distributed during the week along with the daily news in newsletters and Atash social media.

To view the full reports usually the reader will engage the website. Of note, our content marketing was very successful both in printed and digital versions. Attached please find the media kit for atash weekly. The online prices are 50% of the media kit. You will have a better picture of the sizes and platforms through the media kit.

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In case you are interested to advertise with us, welcome on board. We can discuss more suitable packages.

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